Halloween Flowchart

A Flowchart to Help You Determine Your Halloween Style

We at Gliffy HQ heart Halloween (almost as much as we heart a good flowchart); the candy, the dressing up, the orange cocktails, the spooky dry ice—what’s not to love? … Continue Reading →

gliffy sign

Team Gliffy Plays with Fire, Comes Out Unscathed

  Two Fridays ago, team Gliffy wasn’t at our desks, where you’d normally find us. Instead of t-shirts and flip-flops we put on heavy-duty jackets, fireproof gloves to our elbows, … Continue Reading →


Innovation Days at Gliffy

Not to toot our own horn, but we get to work with some seriously smart people here @Gliffy. And they’re pretty funny too. Because smart people = smart ideas, every … Continue Reading →

Giants Path to the Win

What the Giants Need to Win

Once again the city of San Francisco is all lit up up with orange lights, and there is a tangible excitement in the air as everyone roots for the Giants. … Continue Reading →


Get Set for Atlassian Summit 2014

Gliffy will be hitting Atlassian Summit 2014 full force. We’re hoping to see you there. In case it’s news to you, Atlassian Summit is where Atlassian gurus, acolytes, and adventurers … Continue Reading →


Burning Man: The Perfect Storm Looms

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Burning Man festival, but I surely remember the chaos and the crazed creativity. The fire and the free-for-all. The sculptures … Continue Reading →

Robin Williams

Robin Williams: Laughing & Crying

Last night, comedian, actor, beloved public figure, and Bay Area icon Robin Williams died of depression. He was only 63, but he had lived countless lives in the public consciousness. … Continue Reading →


Gliffy Confluence Plugin Hits Version 6.2

We’re happy to announce a slew of satisfying reasons for you to launch Gliffy Confluence Plugin version 6.2. Just released, this latest upgrade adds a number of features to make … Continue Reading →

Gliffy JIRA

Gliffy JIRA Plugin 4.0 Accelerates with HTML5

Gliffy JIRA Plugin just took a giant leap forward! New version 4.0 — available now — ditches Flash in favor of HTML5. This makes your favorite diagram editor faster, foxier, … Continue Reading →


Can the U.S.A. Advance in the World Cup?

It’s a simple question: what needs to happen for the United States Men’s National Team to advance to the Round of 16 in the 2014 World Cup? The answer, luckily, … Continue Reading →