Choose From Many Diagram Types

Creating a flowchart, uml diagram, org chart, or any other kind of diagram using the Gliffy diagram tool is the first step to turning your idea into a reality. It’s also a great way to get clarity and figure out next steps. Whether you’re an engineer creating a revolutionary piece of software, a manger clarifying roles and responsibilities, or just a person trying to figure out the complex relationship between ninjas, pirates and zombies, Gliffy diagram software has all the tools you need to get started.

Flow Charts

SWOT Analysis

UML Charts

Venn Diagrams

Org Charts

Network Diagrams

Business Process


Site Maps

Technical Drawings

Easy to Use

Gliffy Is Easy to Use

Gliffy works in all modern web-browsers and features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. There’s nothing to install and almost no learning curve.

Collaborate with Anyone

Collaborate With Anyone

Diagrams can be shared and edited by anyone with an Internet connection – coworkers, friends, even grandma. Gliffy makes collaboration fun.

Handy Templates & Themes

Templates & Themes

If you don’t want to start a diagram from scratch (or just hate seeing a blank page), we have templates and themes to help you get started.