Gliffy is built using OpenLaszlo, not Flash

The big news out there today is that the new iPhone OS 4 SDK Developer Program License Agreement has a clause in it that essentially bans Flash applications which have been re-compiled to run on the iPhone and iPad using the Adobe CS5 cross-compiler.

That means Flash applications can’t easily be ported to run on the iPhone or iPad. Yikes!


We’ll see if this new clause sticks, leaving many tens of thousands of Flash and Flex developers in a rough spot. The good news is that Gliffy was built using OpenLaszlo. OpenLaszlo is a great little cross-compiler tool that compiles rich internet applications into multiple runtimes including Flash and DHTML. That’s good news for our customers as it means we should (in theory) be able to produce a version of Gliffy that runs on the iPad and iPhone.

A big thank-you to the OpenLaszlo team for your amazing product!

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  • jeff says:

    I dont think that matters my friends, if your software was not originally written in obj-c, apple can still pull it from their store. Look at section 3.3.1 again…

  • Isn’t Gliffy a web app? There is no restriction on how you build your web apps, except that there is no Flash player on the iPad (or iPhone), so if your web app requires Flash, you are out of luck. But Gliffy (because it uses OpenLaszlo) doesn’t have that problem…

  • chrisk says:

    That’s right, we wont have to go through the Apple App Store to make Gliffy available to iPad / iPhone customers since Gliffy is a web application.

  • Clay says:

    I’d like to give a big “thank you” for Gliffy, and even bigger “THANK YOU” for working on iPad support! Having an awesome interface like Gliffy for making and sharing diagrams is one of the few things I miss on the iPad. You guys are great!

  • chrisk says:

    Hi Clay,

    We can’t promise that we’ll work on the HTML/iPad version right away…. but it is very high on the priority list. We will certainly make an announcement if we do this for sure! Thanks for your encouragement and thoughts on the topic.


  • Jason says:

    I am so glad I found this post, ive just started using Gliffy and am about to buy an iPad (just want it for web browsing on the move). I was concerned that there wans’t a Gliffy iPad app, but now I see itll work anyway :)

    One quick suggestion though with the iPad app, what will happen with offline browsing? I realise its a web app, but it should be possible to make it work without internet connection. Im sure many people would benefit from being able to at least access their diagrams offline. I personally would use it on the plane and on the train etc when there may not be signal.

  • Jason says:

    Well the good news is that I bought a new iPad, the bad news is that cliffy doesn’t work, I very much hope that you guys can get this to work as it would be a massive benefit. On a separate note i like the iPad, i realise that it doesn’t have all the features people wanted but the web browser is nice which is basically all i was going to use if we for anyway!

  • chrisk says:

    To clarify: Gliffy does not currently work on the iPad or iPhone. The purpose of this post was to make it clear that we have at least one possible upgrade path to add HTML5 support, but until we prototype this, we don’t know for sure that it will work.

  • Jason says:

    I love Gliffy software, very nice to use and work with, just wish you guys would release a ipad app, i might have to cancel my account and use omnigraffile :(

  • Fair enough comment. We appreciate the feedback.

  • Kevin says:

    @Jason: likewise… Gliffy is a fantastic web app but it absolutely needs to work on mobile platforms! It’s really frustrating that I can’t at least show diagrams to clients via an ipad.

    I can’t justify paying for Gliffy until there is an html5 version or a mobile app available. I feel like I’m probably not alone here, either.

    Otherwise, It’s a great web app!

  • @Jason, @Kevin, we hear you loud and clear. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Steve says:

    This would come in handy for my company – however, no ipad support – also, PDF print is not vector based so cannot blow up large diagrams for print

    would you ever consider selling 1 time licenses?

  • karl m says:

    +1 to the ipad. Time for HTML5/more JS – would love to use this app heavily but cannot justify paying for something that I can’t use on my tablet.