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We're happy to announce the addition of Android shapes to Gliffy's ever-expanding arsenal. You'll find general shapes like the Android itself, dialog and text boxes, set date and time forms, fun icons, AV icons and Android system icons. Watch the short video below:


If you'd like to add your own images to the Gliffy toolbox there are three ways of doing it:

1. Import images by dragging and dropping them from your computer onto the Gliffy canvas.

2. Scroll down to "Images" and click the "Select Image to Upload" button.

3. If you have a paid account, you can create custom libraries which are easy to organize and where all your images can be viewed at-a-glance. To create your custom library scroll down to "More Shapes" and click the "Add Custom Library" button.

Read this if you need more info.

Happy diagramming!