Good times at the OpenLaszlo meetup

By Chris Kohlhardt on Mar 17, 2006 in Latest & Greatest

Clint and I had a fabulous time at the OpenLaszlo developer meetup last night. There must have been between 100-150 people in attendance, and we got to see what other folks are doing with the OpenLaszlo platform. Clint chatted with Sarah about contributing some of what we’ve learned about printing back into the OpenLaszlo platform,…

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Prediction: 2006 is the year Office moves to the web

By Chris Kohlhardt on Dec 27, 2005 in Stories

The cool thing is that this isn’t coming from me, who would obviously benefit from such a move, but from a recent San Jose Mercury News article that attempts to make some bold predictions for 2006. The office moves to the Web. Documents, e-mail and spreadsheets move off your desktop computer to the Web.

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“On Demand Software” article on SFGate

By Chris Kohlhardt on Dec 25, 2005 in Stories

I just read a great article about On Demand Software over at SFGate. It’s interesting to see the mainstream media perspective on this trend, and it makes what we’re doing feel that much more real. For all you folks who have been patiently waiting to be added to our beta… it wont be long now…

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Gliffy Drawing Toolkit

By Chris Kohlhardt on Dec 14, 2005 in Latest & Greatest

Interested in including easy end user drawing capabilities into your web based application? Gliffy is now offering the same drawing toolkit that our diagram editor is based on as a licensable code module. Here are some example applications for our drawing toolkit: – Describe a workflow – Visually describe a process – Draw simple pictures…

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Gliffy Beta Begins

By Chris Kohlhardt on Nov 17, 2005 in Stories

The Gliffy closed beta has begun. We’ll slowly add more user to the closed beta in the next several weeks/months. Browse on over to and you can see our new home on the web. In fact, as of today, we are no longer Silver Tie Software, but Gliffy, Inc. Our first application is a…

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Standard Interoperability API

By Chris Kohlhardt on Oct 08, 2005 in Latest & Greatest

Sam at Writely kicks off a conversation about a common interoperability API between all these new applications popping up. We totally agree that such an API would make applications such as ours way more useful. Here are some examples of how such an API might be used: You’re composing a blog entry, and want to…

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