The Breast Cancer Fund and Climb Against the Odds

By Clint Dickson on Mar 05, 2008 in Stories

Climb Against the Odds marks the ninth major mountaineering expedition to support and raise awareness for the Breast Cancer Fund’s work to eliminate the environmental causes of the disease. In June, a team of 40 women and men – breast cancer survivors and supporters – will climb Mt. Shasta, 14,162-feet, in a collective effort to…

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More Drawing Control with Lock Shape

By Clint Dickson on Jul 01, 2007 in Tips and Tricks

So you got that cool background image in your Gliffy diagram you want to start decorating with shapes and text. But, as you start dropping things onto the image and moving them around, you accidentally move the background image around too. Now you have to re-position it again. This can be painful and annoying and…

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Multiple shape alignment and positioning

By Clint Dickson on May 01, 2007 in Tips and Tricks

Sometimes when great things happen, people often use the statement “the planets must be aligned”. Well the same thing can be true when you create that jaw-dropping Gliffy flow chart diagram with nicely aligned shapes. Can your boss say, “promotion”? So how do you align shapes quickly and easily? Just drag select or CTRL-click multiple…

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The power of ESC

By Clint Dickson on Apr 01, 2007 in Tips and Tricks

Many people have heard about the power of ESP, but Gliffy users might find ESC to be more powerful. The Escape (ESC) key can help you be more productive when creating your earth-shattering flow charts, floor plans, or network diagrams. Here are some ways you can use the ESC key: 1. When you are finished…

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Diagram Resizing

By Clint Dickson on Feb 01, 2007 in Tips and Tricks

Tired of small diagrams? Is 576px width by 754px height cramping your style and limiting your creative juices from spilling out on the Gliffy canvas (clean up on aisle 7 please!!)? Is your house bigger than the Gliffy floor plan page will allow? Would you like to include all steps of the process but your…

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The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence official release!!

By Clint Dickson on Nov 27, 2006 in Latest & Greatest

We have been working very hard lately ( especially Chris, remember surprise #2 ? ) on getting the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence released. Confluence is the world’s most popular Enterprise Wiki made by one of Australia’s fastest growing companies, Atlassian. Wiki’s have swept through the business community as of late as a key tool to…

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Our next Beta has been released!

By Clint Dickson on Feb 27, 2006 in Latest & Greatest

For previous beta users of Gliffy, we wanted to let you know that we’ve recently released a significant update to the software. This release has fixes to numerous bugs, performance enhancements, as well as some new features. These include: – Rich text – Drop shadows – Gradients – Publishing With publishing, you can embed an…

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