Gliff Notes

By Liza Mock on Mar 24, 2017 in Let's Talk Tech,Stories
Gliff Notes

Enjoy our weekly roundup of the techiest tech news from the interwebs. Shiny, New Things Legos in places and configurations you’ve never imagined? Yes please! We can’t wait for Nimuno Loops – The Toy Block Tape  New Development Welcome Intel’s Optane — a super speedy SSD and RAM unit that boasts faster performance and longer life: Intel’s incredible new…

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Gliff Notes

By Liza Mock on Mar 17, 2017 in Let's Talk Tech
Djedi in plaid

Enjoy our weekly roundup of the techiest tech news from the interwebs. Shiny, New Things South by Southwest just happened. Here are a few of the most exciting, newest tech gadgets, including a VR machine that stimulates flying! Get a sneak peek at SXSW’s hottest tech New Development Is this Pied Piper coming to life? Whether you’re a…

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Get Early Product Buy-in Using Lean Canvas

By Liza Mock on Mar 02, 2017 in Tips and Tricks
Djedi the lion tamer

Getting decision-makers on your side early is crucial for product managers. It can be the difference between the next game-changing product and glory for you, or a business case that’s gathering dust. But winning the hearts and minds of multiple execs with multiple business requirements is as easy as convincing untamed lions to jump through…

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How to Cut Down on Useless Meetings

By Liza Mock on Aug 30, 2016 in Tips and Tricks
The case for fewer meetings

Do you ever feel like you spend more time sitting in meetings than actually working? According to a recent Atlassian study, the average employee attends 62 hour-long meetings every month and considers half of them to be a waste of time. That’s an incredible 31 hours every month — nearly an entire workweek — wasted…

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Getting Back on Track Post Outage (Part 1)

By Liza Mock on Jun 08, 2016 in Let's Talk Tech
diagram of database restore process in gliffy

As you may remember, Gliffy recently suffered a 3-day outage, the longest in our 11-year history. In our post-outage blog, The Turtle and the Hare, we promised to keep you in the loop as we made changes to ensure that nothing like this ever happened again. Here, as promised is the first post about what…

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What Is Raspberry Pi?

By Liza Mock on May 27, 2016 in Let's Talk Tech
Djedi with raspberry pi

I first heard about Raspberry Pi a few weeks after I started working at Gliffy. To someone who knew nothing about code, it was yet another mystery. And while I can’t claim to be a coding master today, a great deal has been demystified, including the Raspberry Pi, which despite its dessert-like name is in…

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Nine Tools to Support Infrastructure Devs

By Liza Mock on May 10, 2016 in Let's Talk Tech
djedi the web dev

When it comes to our expectations of Internet performance we want it all and we want it now. Yup, we’ve pretty much gotten used to instant gratification. This means that we expect services to be available 24/7, downtime to be nonexistent and configuration errors caused by updates to be fixed before anyone has a chance…

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