Gliffy Company Values

By Liza Mock on Jul 22, 2015 in Giving Back

Company values can be a tricky thing. They are supposed to be the heart and soul of an organization and represent what it stands for, but so often even if a company has a set of stated values, a majority of employees neither know nor care. Just think about it. Do you know what your…

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How to Use Diagrams to Improve Employee Onboarding

By Liza Mock on Jul 09, 2015 in Tips and Tricks
four flowcharts

You know what’s not fun? Spending a lot of time, money and effort finding and then onboarding someone great just to have them leave a few months later. Hiring and training can range “between 30-50% of the employee’s starting salary” 1. And after such a massive investment half of all senior new hires “fail within…

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Thanks to everyone who requested a layers feature. We heard you loud and clear. As always, your wish is our command. Why Use Layers? Layers are great for separating or grouping elements of your diagram. They also come in handy if you need to toggle attention back and forth between alternate diagram views. Step-by-step Instructions…

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NEW Copy Style Tool & Improved Printing

By Liza Mock on Jun 09, 2015 in Latest & Greatest

We’re in the business of making you happy so we always listen to your suggestions and try to make Gliffy as easy and fun to use as possible. Our latest release includes the addition of a copy style tool and improved printing capabilities (yes, we heard you). Brand Spankin’ New Copy Style Tool The copy…

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From the Heart: Amazing Organizations we Proudly Support

By Liza Mock on Jun 03, 2015 in Latest & Greatest
charities Q2

One of our company values is “Have Heart” which basically means “be a good human being”. And because we’re in the unique position of having been bootstrapped from the very beginning, (meaning we don’t have investors to answer to), we can follow our collective hearts. Every quarter we give 5% of our profits to employee-nominated…

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Org Charting Like Mad (Men)

By Liza Mock on Apr 13, 2015 in Tips and Tricks
Mad Men

TV shows are complex, kind of like real life. So we wanted to remind you how useful creating an org chart can be. Just think, wouldn’t it be great to know who’s whose boss, who’s responsible for making the coffee, who’s moved up or down the corporate ladder, who’s died, lost an eye, gone crazy…

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