The Classics

By Zack Kushner on Nov 06, 2009 in Latest & Greatest

In order to properly appreciate modern works, you need to have a solid basis in the classics. After all, can you truly appreciate Strange Brew if you haven’t read Hamlet? Can you enjoy the Garfield: the Movie if you haven’t read Garfield the comic strip? (Trick question; no one appreciates Garfield: the Movie. No one…

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You Make Me Laugh


Go on, you know you want to try it. I know that you — a flowchart and diagram aficionado — have been reading this blog and thinking, “I could make something as good as what they’re featuring here.” Well, of course you could! It’s as easy as connecting the dots, all you need is an…

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A Late Edition

By Zack Kushner on Oct 30, 2009 in Stories

And three makes a meme! Matt Gorman adds this flowchart of the Talking Heads’ song Once in a Lifetime into the mix (see earlier post). A late entry, sure, but we like what we see, Matt. I think he forgot to add in the head-tapping, shoulder shaking, spasmodic gloriousness that is David Byrne’s dancing, tho!

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Can You Hear the Music?

By Zack Kushner on Oct 29, 2009 in Stories

It’s like Karaoke Cliff Notes. And it’s spreading. Today we wake up to find the web awash in pop music flowcharts. The latest is Hey Jude by Tumblr I Love All This. Naturally, this one is inspired by Jeanie’s example, charting the flow of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. What’s next, I wonder?…

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Doogie Horner; Learn the Name

By Zack Kushner on Oct 28, 2009 in Stories

Let us now stop to appreciate comedian Doogie Horner. You don’t recognize the name? Are you sure? Because I bet you’ve laughed at him. Or with him, maybe. Because he is a funny guy AND he makes flowcharts, which for our purposes makes him near god-like. He also runs the Ministry of Secret Jokes, which…

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I came across two flowcharts worth sharing this morning. The first is from Christene Barberich, Piera Gelardi and Joshua Covarrubias, writing and designing for Refinery 29. They’re poking fun of Scott Schuman whom you might better know as the Sartorialist. In case you’re not a fashionista, the Sartorialist posts photos on his popular blog of…

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Insert Pun About Flow Here

By Zack Kushner on Oct 23, 2009 in Tips and Tricks

Full disclosure: I (heart) guts. In this case, what I’m talking about is the anatomically obsessed illustrator who creates t-shirts, plush toys, buttons and stickers of cartoon-y organs under the moniker I (heart) guts. I first saw her work at a craft fair in San Francisco and had a hard time not buying one of…

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