Diagrams are super versatile tools that can help you win at life. Take vacation planning for example. Most of us are fairly disorganized. Things tend to get mixed up and we’re lucky to catch the right plane to and from our destination. This is what going on vacation usually looks like.

Journal - 3 copy

But what if your vacation takes you to more than one destination? What if it involves a lot of other people and their schedules? What if you need to share your plans with your significant other or your mom? What if you just want to make sure you don’t miss your next connection or forget that dinner reservation? This is what going on vacation could look like.

Journal - 4 copy

And this is the diagram that will help you get there.


Here’s How to Draw this Diagram
1. Download some cool icons. We love IcoMoon.
2. Import them by scrolling down to More Shapes in the Gliffy shape library and clicking the Add Custom Library button. Don’t forget to name your new icons.
3. Use the Swimlanes library to create your calendar.
4. Use a mix of basic shapes and icons to create your amazing new vacation planner.

As an added bonus, you can share a link to your diagram by going to Share, Collaborate and inputting the email address of the person you want to share with. You can also export is as a JPEG or PNG and email it to your phone so you can view it anytime.

Brownie Points

  • Color code everything and create a legend at the top.
  • Add links to restaurants/plays/museums/shops etc.
  • Collaborate on your trip with friends by sending them a link to your diagram.