Get Early Product Buy-in Using Lean Canvas

By Liza Mock on Mar 02, 2017 in Tips and Tricks
Djedi the lion tamer

Getting decision-makers on your side early is crucial for product managers. It can be the difference between the next game-changing product and glory for you, or a business case that’s gathering dust. But winning the hearts and minds of multiple execs with multiple business requirements is as easy as convincing untamed lions to jump through…

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Introducing Gliffy Embed


A quick outline of what you can expect using Gliffy’s latest product feature: embedding diagrams.  In October we released some pretty groovy team features including private sharing and commenting. Our efforts were focused on helping teams work better together. But instead of that nose-to-the-grindstone get-work-done-faster attitude, we wanted to support teams when it came to really…

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Here’s How We Innovate From the Inside-Out


Key findings on what’s at the heart of creating, understanding and improving your product.  — It’s a Friday afternoon, mid June. We’re sprawled out in our office. Cross-legged, lounging in beanbags, leaning off desks. Still sleepy from our insanely delicious taco lunch. We’re all waiting to share our ideas on how we can make Gliffy better—from…

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How to Cut Down on Useless Meetings

By Liza Mock on Aug 30, 2016 in Tips and Tricks
The case for fewer meetings

Do you ever feel like you spend more time sitting in meetings than actually working? According to a recent Atlassian study, the average employee attends 62 hour-long meetings every month and considers half of them to be a waste of time. That’s an incredible 31 hours every month — nearly an entire workweek — wasted…

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UML 2.5 Diagram Types and Templates

By Zack Kushner on Jul 12, 2016 in Tips and Tricks

Looking for a quick rundown of the different official UML diagram types along with templates for each? Welcome to Gliffy. We’re here to help. There are, as of UML 2.5, fourteen officially recognized types of UML diagrams. These types get sorted into three buckets: Structure diagrams, Behavior diagrams, and Interaction diagrams (also considered a subset…

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Six Flowchart Types & Templates

By Zack Kushner on Jun 02, 2016 in Tips and Tricks
how to create an impact map

Flowcharts are one of the most versatile diagram types. Companies use flow charts to document complex business processes. Software engineers use them to envision data flow. Hipsters post them online to amuse each other with their snarky witticisms. Regardless of your needs, Gliffy’s free online flowchart maker will facilitate the process of creating flowcharts online….

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How to Create a Venn Diagram in Gliffy

By Zack Kushner on Apr 28, 2016 in Tips and Tricks
Venn - How To

Drawing a Venn diagram with Gliffy takes just minutes. Give it a try using the intuitive Gliffy interface and soon you’ll be diagramming like a pro. First add Venn diagram shapes to your Shape Library by clicking ‘More Shapes’ and ticking the Venn Diagram box. From the Venn Diagram Radial section, drag in circles of…

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Top Ten Pro Flowchart Tips

By Zack Kushner on Apr 21, 2016 in Tips and Tricks

Creating a flowchart online with Gliffy is simple. Turning your creation into a professional-quality example of a flowchart isn’t much harder — you just need to heed our top ten pro flow chart tips. Size Matters A flowchart is most useful when it fits on one page (or screen). If the process you’re plotting is…

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How to Create a Network Diagram with Gliffy

By Zack Kushner on Apr 19, 2016 in Tips and Tricks
free network diagram template

Drawing network diagrams with Gliffy is easy regardless of which type of network topology you’re working with. Take the intuitive Gliffy interface for a quick test drive and soon you’ll be diagramming like a pro. In this example, we’ll plot out a basic network diagram, but these techniques will apply to all network diagram types…

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