Save time with automated invoicing

By Chris Kohlhardt on Sep 02, 2008 in Latest & Greatest

In a small business, efficiency is critical. Each task that needs doing ends up distracting us from other tasks that need doing too. One way we’ve saved a bunch of time is by using Freshbooks for billing. What’s Freshbooks? Freshbooks is a nifty little service that makes online invoicing simple, fast, and easy. How do…

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Farm Produce without the Farming

By Keith Rockhold on Aug 26, 2008 in Latest & Greatest

My family ability to garden was not passed to me. I got plenty of passion between watching my father expertly set up the automatic watering systems and following my grandfather down the rows of vegetables he nurtured across the street from his house. These memories excite me for the potential of growing my own food…

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Designing Gliffy with Gliffy

By Clint Dickson on Aug 19, 2008 in Latest & Greatest

Lately, I’ve been working on implementing a new symbol library, our BPMN symbols. We’ve been using a graphic designer in Brazil, and Gliffy has played a big part in making the communication process to get the symbol assets developed a snap (which is kind of unfortunate because I’d really love to have a reason to…

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Moving in with Gliffy

By David Copeland on Aug 12, 2008 in Latest & Greatest

My girlfriend and I recently decided to move in together, sharing my 2-bedroom condo in Washington, DC. The master bedroom is currently my “man-cave” (which houses the equipment to support my expensive pro audio hobby). Its generous walk-in closet is a pack-rat’s dream, holding, among other things, four boxes of G.I. Joe toys, five of…

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Gliffy Plugin for Confluence 1.4.1 released

By Chris Kohlhardt on Aug 07, 2008 in Latest & Greatest

We’ve just released a minor update to the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence today which includes several bug fixes, a small feature, and Confluence 2.9 compatibility. We recommend this update for users of Confluence versions 2.6 and better. Download the update here. Highlights of this release: Confluence 2.9 Compatibility Atlassian has made significant improvements to the…

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Handling snail mail in a virtual office

By Chris Kohlhardt on Aug 04, 2008 in Latest & Greatest

Gliffy is a ‘virtual business’. This means we don’t have a physical office from which we work out of. In fact, we have contractors and employees working for us who live all over the world: One of the challenges we have to deal with in a virtual office environment is how to handle incoming snail…

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The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence, Version 1.4.0

By Chris Kohlhardt on Jun 17, 2008 in Latest & Greatest

I’m happy to announce that we’ve released the most recent version of The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence. We recommend this upgrade for all users of The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence. Download the latest version of the Plugin, or try it out in our wiki sandbox. The detailed release notes are included below, but I’d like…

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