Gliffy Newsletter – January 2007

By Chris Kohlhardt on Jan 22, 2007 in Latest & Greatest

Next time you have an idea, try drawing it out using Gliffy instead of writing it out. After all, picture is worth a thousand words! In this issue: New features: Links in published diagrams, UTF support, Image Upload Gliffy Plugin for Confluence: 30% off until January 31st, 2007 $100 off from ServerBeach Green and…

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Celebrating the small victories

By Chris Kohlhardt on Jan 09, 2007 in Latest & Greatest

The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence is the first product that we charge for. We had what we thought was a pretty good month in December, so we thought we’d celebrate with a round of Golf at the Half Moon Bay Ocean Course. The weather was great. Not bad for January, eh? Clint enjoying a fine…

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Unplanned downtime – December 19, 2006

By Chris Kohlhardt on Dec 19, 2006 in Latest & Greatest

At approximately 1:55AM PST on December 19th, 2006, the primary and secondary DNS servers we use to manage the domain became unavailable. These DNS issues caused problems for anyone attempting to access through the web, or any emails sent to As soon as we became aware of the problem, we added additional…

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Gliffy Newsletter, December 2006

By Chris Kohlhardt on Dec 08, 2006 in Latest & Greatest

New Product: The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence We’re happy to announce the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence. We’ve worked closely with Atlassian, makers of the leading enterprise wiki Confluence, to create an optimal experience for end users. Adding diagrams to wiki pages is as simple as clicking the ‘Add Diagram’ link shown on each page. Showing…

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The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence official release!!

By Clint Dickson on Nov 27, 2006 in Latest & Greatest

We have been working very hard lately ( especially Chris, remember surprise #2 ? ) on getting the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence released. Confluence is the world’s most popular Enterprise Wiki made by one of Australia’s fastest growing companies, Atlassian. Wiki’s have swept through the business community as of late as a key tool to…

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Gliffy Newsletter, November 2006

By Chris Kohlhardt on Nov 13, 2006 in Latest & Greatest

–Announcing the Gliffy Monthly Newsletter– Hello Gliffy users! You’ve probably been waiting in eager anticipation, wondering if we would ever send out a newsletter. The wait is over, your wish has come true: Welcome to the Gliffy Monthly Newsletter! The purpose of the Gliffy newsletter is to keep you informed about our latest propaganda…. or…….

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Summertime Gliffy updates, 35K registered users

By Chris Kohlhardt on Jul 25, 2006 in Latest & Greatest

It’s been about 2 months since we opened the Gliffy beta to the world, and we’re happy to announce that we have over 35,000 registered users (and we haven’t even been mentioned on TechCrunch yet… hint hint, nudge nudge ;) ). We’ve just released a new version of Gliffy which includes a snap-to-grid feature. This…

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Presenting at STIRR

By Chris Kohlhardt on Jul 11, 2006 in Latest & Greatest

I’ll be presenting at the STIRR mixer on Wednesday night in Palo Alto. If you’re there, please stop by and say ‘Hi!’ to me or Clint. Update: STIRR was covered by local TV station KPIX. There are a few short clips about Gliffy.

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Good times at the OpenLaszlo meetup

By Chris Kohlhardt on Mar 17, 2006 in Latest & Greatest

Clint and I had a fabulous time at the OpenLaszlo developer meetup last night. There must have been between 100-150 people in attendance, and we got to see what other folks are doing with the OpenLaszlo platform. Clint chatted with Sarah about contributing some of what we’ve learned about printing back into the OpenLaszlo platform,…

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