Our next Beta has been released!

By Clint Dickson on Feb 27, 2006 in Latest & Greatest

For previous beta users of Gliffy, we wanted to let you know that we’ve recently released a significant update to the software. This release has fixes to numerous bugs, performance enhancements, as well as some new features. These include: – Rich text – Drop shadows – Gradients – Publishing With publishing, you can embed an…

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Gliffy Drawing Toolkit

By Chris Kohlhardt on Dec 14, 2005 in Latest & Greatest

Interested in including easy end user drawing capabilities into your web based application? Gliffy is now offering the same drawing toolkit that our diagram editor is based on as a licensable code module. Here are some example applications for our drawing toolkit: – Describe a workflow – Visually describe a process – Draw simple pictures…

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Standard Interoperability API

By Chris Kohlhardt on Oct 08, 2005 in Latest & Greatest

Sam at Writely kicks off a conversation about a common interoperability API between all these new applications popping up. We totally agree that such an API would make applications such as ours way more useful. Here are some examples of how such an API might be used: You’re composing a blog entry, and want to…

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Simple answers to concerns about Office for the Web

By Chris Kohlhardt on Sep 28, 2005 in Latest & Greatest

My former co-worker and friend, Dave, had some common concerns about moving to an Office on the Web. I thought I’d chime in with my thoughts: > Maybe you don’t want your company/state secrets going across the internet and stored on someone else’s servers? Some companies in this space are offering access to their applications…

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People are talking about the trend….

By Chris Kohlhardt on Sep 22, 2005 in Latest & Greatest

I read two blog posts recently, both from VC’s, which show folks are starting to grok the reality that collaborative internet based applications will soon be the tools of choice, replacing traditional desktop applications. Fred Wilson writes: “…my experience and my bet is that wikis will take the enterprise by storm. Because they are simpler,…

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By Chris Kohlhardt on Sep 16, 2005 in Latest & Greatest

Writely is a web based word processor which is similar in concept to what we’re doing in many ways with Gliffy (our product), except we’re not building a word processor. I can’t believe how similar the names are…. too funny! Office for the web is on its way…

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