Communardo announces their User Profile Plugin 1.7

UPP Logo Profile PluginThis guest post comes from Linda Werner of the Germany-based Communardo, where they just released the newest version of their User Profile plugin for Atlassian Confluence!

Edit ProfileRecently Communardo released a new version of the User Profile Plugin for Confluence. Before presenting the new features, we want to introduce the User Profile Plugin to you briefly: Confluence is the must-have collaboration tool for teams that don't like wasting time and want to get things done. But with teams distributed over multiple locations or even around the globe, connecting people efficiently is becoming more important than ever before. In a social intranet, user profiles are key. Usable, searchable, and updated user profiles are essential for finding, contacting, and collaborating with colleagues. So it’s easy to see how the Communardo User Profile Plugin enhances Confluence:

  • Build expert profiles by adding well-structured information into additional profile fields, like organizational data, skills, responsibilities, and interests
  • Synchronize with user directories (Active Directory, LDAP)
  • Find colleagues and experts with enhanced search capability in user profiles

Who belongs to whom? What are our actual organizational structures in the company?

Communardo Organization ChartThe Communardo User Profile Plugin 1.7 provides a simple answer to these questions: Org Charts.

Organization charts give you the opportunity to visualize the hierarchical relationships in your organisation. Even Enteprise 2.0 companies with flat hierarchies, find it helpful to understand precise communication relationships. And that is exactly what the User Profile Plugin with the release 1.7 is offering. Organizational charts can now be configured for all user profiles and will be displayed by using the macro "Org Chart" in the content. Starting from a particular user, the hierarchical relationships with superiors, colleagues, and employees are represented visually. These organizational charts contain the full name of the person displayed with a link to the profile, the user picture, as well as the users’s department and the position.

Test the User Profile Plugin now and get your free trial license in the Atlassian Marketplace!