Diagram Tips: Drawing Guides

By Carole Snitzer on Feb 08, 2013 in Tips and Tricks, drawing

Here’s the situation: You are drawing a big diagram. I mean BIG. Maybe it’s an org chart representing dozens of people. Or it could be a flow chart laying out your most intricate departmental process. Perhaps it’s a BPMN that shows all the ways visitors come to and interact with your web site. Whatever it is, you have lots of different boxes and symbols, the exact placement of each one is totally critical. What do you do?

Turn to drawing guides!

drawing-guides Big

With drawing guides, it’s easy to line up shapes and symbols in tidy lines. Green lines let you know that one shape is aligned with the edge of another. And red lines tell you you’re lined up with the center of another shape. And that’s all there is to it.

Locating drawing guides in Confluence

Click the Drawing Guides icon in the button bar:

Locating drawing guides in Gliffy Online

Go to Document Properties and check the Drawing Guides box:

Happy drawing!