Diagrams in the wild(s of New York)

This past weekend I went back to New York City for the first time in about a decade. In between eating myself silly and re-learning to cross the street before the light changes, I managed to capture a few great diagrams in their natural habitat.

Some of the best examples of diagrams were posted by the MTA. When you think about how much complicated information they need to communicate — dozens of train lines, hundreds of stations, constantly changing schedules due to construction and so on — that’s hardly a surprise.

MTA ad New York City

But my absolute favorite diagram from the entire trip was this illustration from a 12th-century manuscript, which I discovered at the Cloisters:

So keep your eyes open, wherever you happen to be. Diagrams are all around us — especially where there’s a whole lot to say, and only a little space (or time) in which to say it!