My family ability to garden was not passed to me. I got plenty of passion between watching my father expertly set up the automatic watering systems and following my grandfather down the rows of vegetables he nurtured across the street from his house. These memories excite me for the potential of growing my own food each spring. Unfortunately, I have a rather mighty obstacle: I lack the skill to bring vegetables into the world. I plan using Gliffy's floor plan software, but rare is a vegetable to grow. Plan of House Garden using Gliffy
Honestly, I am lucky to produce one zucchini.
Never fear, a solution is near. This summer I decide to embrace my passion and forgo the growing: I joined our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm, Gullywash Gardens. If the concept of a CSA is new to you, here is a simple process flow explanation:
Gliffy Process Flow - CSA As you can see, the process has plenty of choices along the way. Using Gliffy not only helped our family to make a decision, but it helped to explain the process to our friends.
The end result is that I am enjoying locally, lovingly grown food, I’m not buying food shipped from across the country (or world!) and I can relax as my lackluster garden doesn’t produce because I’m enjoying plenty of food my expert farmers are growing. In the near future Gliffy will have BPMN symbols to assist in the documenting and analysis process. Lucky for me, using Gliffy's Flow Chart software, the swimlane decision shape showed this was the right choice.
Pro and Con List for CSA

It feels good to put the experiences of Barbara Kingsolverand Michael Pollan into action, the folks at Gullwash Gardens are fantastic and it tastes great!