Funny Finds

By Keith Rockhold on Aug 21, 2007 in Stories

I came across these over the last few weeks, thought you might enjoy them:

<a target="_blank" href="">"Choosy Teachers Choose Gliffy</a>" <em>(can't get much better than being compared to peanut butter)</em>
"<a target="_blank" href="">How do you like My First Gliffy?</a>" <em>(we have achieved noun status)</em>
A poem:
<a target="_blank" href="">Here's a blog, there's a blog, a wiki-wiki, mindmap. </a>
<a href="">Gliffy- moodle, tapped in, google scholar rap. </a>
<a href="">If you want to make sense and save yourself a dime </a>
<a href="">better get a second life or you won't have the time.</a>

Let us know what has caught your attention! ~Debi K