Funny Flowchart: Are You James Bond Material?

Are you Double-O or Double-Nothing? We know you think you've got a license to kill, but—honestly—we're not sure you quite hit the target.

James Bond flowchart Click for full-sized image

To celebrate James Bond's 50th anniversary, Gliffy has produced this handy flowchart. Take aim and see if you've got a shot at being a super spy. If not, don't worry. Fifty years of saving the world is pretty rough on a fella's body. How does Mr. Bond stay so young and hale? I suppose we'll never know...

Remember: even non-super spies can make their own diagrams for free using Gliffy. This flowchart was constructed using Gliffy Online.

That target isn't an image file—it was easily built inside the Gliffy diagram editor. The only component that wasn't built in Gliffy is the bullet hole in the center. That we found online for free and uploaded using Gliffy's included image import function.