Get Ready for a New JIRA Plugin

By Liza Mock on Sep 06, 2017 in Gliffy for Atlassian

Gliffy's JIRA plugin

JIRA Supercharged

Ask any Product Manager worth their salt, they’ll tell you: there’s no substitute to having an unfair advantage when bringing a new product to market. This year, after 12 years of staying our course as the first-to-market online diagramming app, and having the longest-standing Atlassian partnership, we’re leveraging our unfair advantage to unveil a new JIRA plugin at Atlassian Summit in San Jose.

gliffy map of atlassian summit 2017


Get the floor map 

We can’t quite lift the curtain yet, but what we can tell you is that our plugin will supercharge your JIRA by adding a visual dimension to text-based tickets. It will allow you and your team to quickly see the big picture and your place in it. If you’re going to summit, come visit us at our booth and check out our talk on Thursday, 9/14 from 12:30-12:45pm in Expo Theater A. Learn about the new product and enter for a chance to win a VR headset! If you’re not coming to summit, visit mid-September and sign up to be the first to take our new JIRA plugin for a test-drive.


You Asked. We Built.

In addition to working on a new product, our team has been addressing user feedback and making Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence faster and more robust than ever. Improvements include:  

Audit Trail

Appropriate diagram versions are coupled with page versions. Restoring a page from history, brings up the diagram that was created with that page, giving companies a ready audit trail.

5x Faster Cloud. 15x Faster Server.

We’ve made Gliffy more streamlined and robust, leading to significant improvements in load and view times in both server and cloud.

Embedding Capabilities

Now you can embed diagrams into 20+ of your favorite tools: Hipchat, Trello, Slack and more. Admins can control which links are shared, ensuring that sensitive data is safe.

Gliffy was created by software engineers for software engineers. We’ve made it our mission to make the software development process smoother, more harmonious and as miscommunication-free as possible. Our team creates tools they themselves want to use. We hope your team will find them just as useful.

To find out more and be the first to sign up and try our new JIRA plugin, visit us at our booth at Atlassian Summit in San Jose or visit mid-September.


Get the floor map