Gliff Notes #2

Gliff Notes 2

Enjoy our weekly roundup of the techiest tech news from the interwebs.

Shiny, New Things

Legos in places and configurations you've never imagined? Yes please! We can't wait for Nimuno Loops - The Toy Block Tape 

New Development

Welcome Intel’s Optane — a super speedy SSD and RAM unit that boasts faster performance and longer life: Intel’s incredible new hyper-fast 3D drive is 10 years in the making

4 Good 2 Know

  1. Chrome 58 is in Beta. Here's a 3-second overview of what's new:
      • easier to work with large data sets in browser
      • improvements to iframe navigation
      • immersive full-screen for PWAs

Read more: Chrome 58 Beta: IndexedDB 2.0, an improvement to iframe navigation, and immersive full screen for PWAs

2. Want to move up the ladder? Good communication skills are crucial: 10 Tips to Improve your Communication Skills as a Software Developer

3. Stack overflow just published the results of its 2017 Developer Survey

4. Creating composable applications (chopped up pieces of whole applications that in theory work better on their own than as a whole) is a fairly new idea. Is it really a good one? Read more: How composable applications can improve software development


Tool to Try

Can't bring yourself to create yet another boring form? Here's a list of 10 tools that will help spice things up. (Foxholder's our fave.)

10 JavaScript and CSS Tools to Enhance Your Forms

Flex Your Brain

Your internet service provider is about to make a lot of money selling your browser history. No permission from you required: ISPs can now sell your Web browsing history to advertisers