Gliff Notes #4

Gliff Notes 4

Enjoy our weekly roundup of the techiest tech news from the interwebs.

Shiny, New Things

Take a look under the hood of the new Xbox 360—Project Scorpio tech.

New Development

Do you care about good, old-fashioned, non-alternative facts? Apparently, Google does too. Fact Check is now available in Google Search.

5 Good 2 Know


  1. R.I.P. Ubuntu Unity. Desktop will switch back to GNOME next year.
  2. We're all about visual communication and think that storyboarding as a way to simplify software development is a brilliant idea.
  3. Biggest primary language, toughest challenge and other new trends in the Software Dev industry.
  4. Is real-time communication something your company is interested in? total.js + can get you there.
  5. What's new in ECMAScript 6? Find out here.

Tool to Try

Here's a new tool from Google that helps you pick the right colors for your apps.


Flex Your Brain

One of the weirdest cat-related posts you'll ever see...