Gliff Notes #7

Gliff Notes #7
Enjoy our weekly roundup of the techiest tech news from the interwebs.

Shiny, New Things

Check out this cool, new Raspberry Pi-like computer board from Android.

New Development

Why Ethereum stole the show at Microsoft’s Demo Day in NYC.

4 Good 2 Know


  1. Read about how to move past REST+JSON towards type-safe Web APIs.
  2. A new web-browser is here. Check out Opera's Neon.
  3. Here's a list of 8 new, emerging tech jobs that are predicted to EXPLODE this year.
  4. Meet Survey JS, an open-source library for creating surveys.

Tool to Try

Here's GitHub's project of the week: GitPitch—a new presentation tool for developers.


Flex Your Brain

This library was supposed to let anyone check out virtually any book for free, online. What happened?