Gliff Notes #8
Enjoy our weekly roundup of the techiest tech news from the interwebs.

Shiny, New Things

Get a sneak peek at Microsoft's answer to the Amazon Echo.

New Development

Facebook’s Prepack, a partial evaluator for JavaScript that results in code that executes more efficiently, just went open-source. Check it out.

4 Good 2 Know


  1. A scary, 1000's-strong army of hacked servers has just been found mining cryptocurrencies.
  2. A new way of bypassing back-end work when starting your own company.
  3. Cyber security has never been a bigger problem, why aren't we worried about securing our hardware?
  4. What is the prolific ‘Hajime’ botnet up to?

Tool to Try

Here's how to use PixiJS to generate or animate a Chrome Extension icon.


Flex Your Brain

Silicon Valley is its own special mini world with its own special lexicon.