Gliffy Now Available for Microsoft Word 2013

Gliffy for WordIf you’re a Gliffy Online customer, the possibility of adding Gliffy diagrams, flowcharts, and org charts to Microsoft Word docs has probably already crossed your mind.

Now with Word 2013 you can use Gliffy right from within Word.

With Office 2013, Microsoft is introducing Apps for Office and we’re happy to tell you that the Gliffy app is now available for Microsoft Word. We’d love it if you would give it a spin!

Preview Office 2013
Before you can check out the Gliffy for Word, you need to get your hands on the preview of Office 2013 here: (Requires an installed version of Office 2013, only available on Windows. Apps for Office are not yet available on the Word Web App.)


  1. Go to the Gliffy for Word page in the Microsoft App Store and click Add.
  2. In Word, Go to Insert > Apps for Office > Gliffy.
  3. Log in through your favorite social tool or with your Gliffy Online account. If you’re not already a Gliffy Online user, you’ll be granted a free 30-day trial.
  4. Browse through your saved diagrams and follow the Edit link, or click Create Diagram to launch the Gliffy editor in Internet Explorer.
  5. To add any diagram to you Word doc, click Insert, then adjust the behavior of the diagram as if it were a regular image.

Once you’ve given it a try, be sure to leave us a review in the Office App Store. We really appreciate your feedback!

EDIT: Updated 11/29/12 with more detail about Office 2013 trial availability.