Gliffy Confluence Plugin Hits Version 6.2

GCP62-popupNotes Confluence Plugin 6.2 Version


We’re happy to announce a slew of satisfying reasons for you to launch Gliffy Confluence Plugin version 6.2. Just released, this latest upgrade adds a number of features to make diagramming with Gliffy even easier.

GCP62-notesIconPop-up notes supply you and your co-collaborators a streamlined way to comment directly on diagrams.



GCP62-ciscoIconNew icons & templates — including Cisco shapes — build out Gliffy’s expansive library of diagram possibilities.



GCP62-textIconAdjustable text positioning allows you to shift where over a shape your text falls — in case you want to think (or write) outside of the box. (video)



- Change shape border styles
- Import Gliffy Online diagrams
- Transparent backgrounds
- Confluence DataCenter compatibility
- See the full list of improvements


Yeah. We’re pretty excited about this release, too. We hope that these upgrades help you draw connections between what you’ve been picturing and what’s possible with Gliffy.