Drum roll please...

After several months of top secret work, we're proud to announce the launch our new Confluence 4 compatible plugin!

Gliffy is now as easy to use as the new Confluence 4 editor. We've worked hard to make the editing experience as natural and as seamless as possible. No longer will you need to toggle between editing a diagram from the wiki view and updating the diagram layout from the edit view, everything happens in-line with the Confluence 4 editor.

Creating a diagram in the Confluence editor


Editing a diagram in the Confluence editor


We've also updated how the diagram appears in the wiki view. We've hidden our edit links until you're ready to interact with the diagram. Once you hover over a diagram, you'll now be able to zoom larger or edit straight away.

Updated wiki view interaction


Release Notes - Gliffy Confluence Plugin v4

Not enough awesomeness? Need more reasons to upgrade? There are over 100 issues resolved in this release!

  • [GLIFFY-747] - Auto-crop is too conservative at the right and bottom sides
  • [GLIFFY-3002] - null is added to the 'alt=' Gliffy Marco when Editing a Gliffy Diagram
  • [GLIFFY-3009] - Free License message when Commercial License is installed
  • [GLIFFY-4026] - Export stuck at 15% encoding
  • [GLIFFY-4165] - Flash Error when trying to do a Save and Close in Confluence
  • [GLIFFY-4166] - Flash Error when trying to do a Save and Close in Confluence
  • [GLIFFY-4178] - Gliffy Closehrome displays in preview
  • [GLIFFY-4188] - Image map element not being generated correctly for SVG transform
  • [GLIFFY-4213] - Bottom of images are cropped when text label below network shape has more than one line of text
  • [GLIFFY-1091] - Hyperlinks should be clickable in Small and Medium Display Sizes
  • [GLIFFY-2671] - Links in Published Wiki Pages Not Size L, Exist in location of size L Diagram
  • [GLIFFY-3177] - Unknown cause for License Installation Failure
  • [GLIFFY-4016] - BPMN Collapsed Sub Process and Transaction do not show text when generated from quick shape navigator
  • [GLIFFY-4022] - Document Manager displays timeout error with many spaces
  • [GLIFFY-4027] - Rich Text does not work in OL 5
  • [GLIFFY-4036] - Zooming with CTRL+ loses the visibility of red boundary line of navigator
  • [GLIFFY-4043] - Properties popup overlapping the shapes while changing the width property
  • [GLIFFY-4110] - Green Org Chart Template does not work
  • [GLIFFY-4126] - Unsynchronized Map in ClientAPIServlet causes deadlock
  • [GLIFFY-3105] - Welcome email is not sent when Confluence license is Evaluation
  • [GLIFFY-3107] - Email Confluence Admins does not fire or can not unmarshal
  • [GLIFFY-3459] - Text Properties not refreshing correctly when entering brand new text in prepopulated shape
  • [GLIFFY-3538] - On copy/paste and then Undo, properties icon is still there after shape disappears
  • [GLIFFY-3625] - Justify buttons unselecting when clicking on selected state
  • [GLIFFY-3877] - 3 Lane Swimlane looks distorted when initially changing to 2 lane.
  • [GLIFFY-3941] - Document Manager Dialog Edit drop down remains open on stage after hitting ESC..
  • [GLIFFY-3942] - Rotation handle can be hidden by Contextual Properties popup
  • [GLIFFY-3989] - Autosave throws an exception due to Bandana key > 100 characters
  • [GLIFFY-3994] - Querying for existing Autosave draft should not return Stage XML
  • [GLIFFY-4010] - Properties not staying open after shape alignment
  • [GLIFFY-4018] - Clicking and holding objects/selections where a portion is outside the bottom of the viewport will cause them to be moved down.
  • [GLIFFY-3437] - Dropdown does not reopen on first click in special case in Contextual Properties
  • [GLIFFY-3599] - Printing will often print blank pages
  • [GLIFFY-240] - Create Right Arrow for Basic and Flowchart shapes
  • [GLIFFY-3303] - HUD will stay on if holding mouse and editing text in Firefox
  • [GLIFFY-3592] - Undo twice after moving straight line then ortho line is not working.
  • [GLIFFY-3606] - When Zoomed, CTRL+Arrow for stage does not work correctly
  • [GLIFFY-3675] - Missing imageH on ClientExportStreamer request
  • [GLIFFY-3728] - Remove jagged corners from UML Node shape
  • [GLIFFY-2978] - Gliffy for Confluence 4
  • [GLIFFY-1304] - User Preferences
  • [GLIFFY-2979] - Launch Gliffy from the RTE
  • [GLIFFY-3114] - Resolve Batik classloader issue with org.w3c namespace
  • [GLIFFY-3317] - Use AUI banners for Confluence error messaging (license nags, errors, etc.)
  • [GLIFFY-3518] - Insert Gliffy Macro Dialog
  • [GLIFFY-4053] - Improve the wiki view links for (Edit, Full-Size, Delete)
  • [GLIFFY-4075] - Add Confluence Effects, Fix Border Toggle
  • [GLIFFY-4089] - FancyBox popup for wiki view
  • [GLIFFY-4118] - Macro Conversion
  • [GLIFFY-4148] - Secure RTE edit and create
  • [GLIFFY-4200] - Create a more button that exposes a text field to enter arbitrary size
  • [GLIFFY-3477] - Implement border button on Property Panel
  • [GLIFFY-3519] - Small, Medium, Large Buttons on Property Panel for Resizing Image
  • [GLIFFY-3804] - Open Editor with a Particular Template
  • [GLIFFY-3845] - Allow Macro Autocomplete to pop-up Gliffy Macro Dialog
  • [GLIFFY-3974] - Contextual Properties docking should be User Preference
  • [GLIFFY-3976] - Write Navigator documentation in User Manual
  • [GLIFFY-3996] - User Preferences Test Cases
  • [GLIFFY-4005] - Create a cron job that can run the renewal script
  • [GLIFFY-4023] - Implement search in Gliffy Macro Dialog
  • [GLIFFY-4051] - Implement Delete from Property Panel
  • [GLIFFY-4070] - Fix and Enable Link Navigator
  • [GLIFFY-258] - Preferred paper size should be saved for each user
  • [GLIFFY-3146] - Allow plugin to work in 3.x as well as 4.x
  • [GLIFFY-3476] - Use the RTE to left, right, center a diagram rather than our own macro html
  • [GLIFFY-3973] - Navigator State should be user preference
  • [GLIFFY-3985] - Server Side implementation of User Preferences for Confluence
  • [GLIFFY-3998] - Client Side implementation of User Preferences for Confluence
  • [GLIFFY-3826] - Create export progress bar
  • [GLIFFY-2720] - Only have drawing guides process an alignment once
  • [GLIFFY-3161] - Optimize the connection point used when Quick Connection is in action
  • [GLIFFY-3798] - Correct Association Connector to be dashed line for BPMN
  • [GLIFFY-3827] - Tune Chunk Size / Computing time per frame
  • [GLIFFY-3848] - Create Async PNG encoder
  • [GLIFFY-1219] - View diagram link on attachment view
  • [GLIFFY-3478] - When a transcoding error occurs, don't log the SVG document at the ERROR level
  • [GLIFFY-4102] - Add the link attribute to image maps and use the URL for the value
  • [GLIFFY-4105] - Show our document icon in Attachment view
  • [GLIFFY-3961] - Colorpicker does not show currently selected text color on open
  • [GLIFFY-3604] - Chunk Encoding in CommonExport.lzx Some older hardware times out in 15 seconds
  • [GLIFFY-3642] - Not rounding off the decimal places for width and height after entry
  • [GLIFFY-3722] - Do not send emails to admin when installing the Gliffy Plugin
  • [GLIFFY-3876] - Changing X/Y of shape to off of viewable stage, should relocate stage to make shape viewable
  • [GLIFFY-3046] - Stage scrolling issue while increasing the size of shape
  • [GLIFFY-3382] - Use Minify Maven Plugin to minify CSS and Javascript as part of the build process
  • [GLIFFY-3539] - Text shapes in group selections are preventing other shape properties from showing up (like background/line color)
  • [GLIFFY-3605] - Text Properties should be default tab when checking properties for Text shapes
  • [GLIFFY-3880] - Make sure loading of diagram invalidates object that are in extreme X and Y positions
  • [GLIFFY-3700] - Starter license cost should read as "free" not $0
New Feature
  • [GLIFFY-4160] - Allow Confluence customers to opt-in to email campaigns via the editor
  • [GLIFFY-4039] - Dragging and dropping most shapes does not work since OL5 upgrade with debugger off
  • [GLIFFY-1962] - Enable Navigator View in Document Properties, Thumbnail view of entire Diagram
  • [GLIFFY-4179] - Link navigator throws an exception for recently viewed items
  • [GLIFFY-4194] - Image Attachments Fail to load with java error
  • [GLIFFY-3602] - Show border option not saving in Confluence