Gliffy Confluence Plugin v4.2 Release Notes

By Eric Chiang on Apr 05, 2012 in Latest & Greatest

Gliffy Confluence Plugin v4.2 – Overview

* The new HTML5 viewer makes diagrams on wiki pages much more interactive. For example, users will be able to zoom and pan large diagrams, making it easier to see the details. Available to users of Confluence 4.0 and above.

* Text within diagrams are now 'live' and can be selected, copied and pasted. Not only is this a time saver, but it also improves accuracy by eliminating the need to retype.

* Diagrams can link to content within a page and not just to other pages.

* Search results are displayed in a friendlier way – which includes an image preview.

Release Notes - Gliffy Confluence Plugin - Version 4.2

New Feature
  • [GCONF-41] - New Gliffy Chrome Options
  • [GCONF-147] - Implement SearchResultRenderer
  • [GCONF-184] - Integrate the HTML5 Viewer
  • [GCONF-188] - Allowing Linking to Anchors or Headers
  • [GCONF-274] - Small images can look distorted (confluence 3.5 instance)
  • [GCONF-281] - Gliffy Classic Macro not functioning in IE9
  • [GCONF-2] - Link Navigator freezes Gliffy in Chrome on Mac
  • [GCONF-150] - The zoom button on the Gliffy chrome is right aligned when there is no edit button
  • [GCONF-151] - FF browser bug in Mac OSX - Sometimes cannot edit text field in link navigator
  • [GCONF-153] - Some templates load with missing symbols (on first load)
  • [GCONF-172] - Improve the performance of macro search in Gliffy Confluence Plugin
  • [GCONF-183] - Anonymous users don't have permission to create a Gliffy diagram via the RTE
  • [GCONF-194] - Inserting diagrams from within an edit page causes errors if user is anonymous
  • [GCONF-202] - Macro description in Plugin Admin shows i18n key and not the text
  • [GCONF-206] - Gliffy save disables keyboard input on returning to the RTE with Google Chrome on Mac
  • [GCONF-212] - Gliffy Chrome takes on heading styles
  • [GCONF-213] - Page Images are not displayed while in RTE edit mode
  • [GCONF-218] - InvalidSearchException: A lucene mapper could not be found to map the specified search
  • [GCONF-219] - Inserting an existing diagram which includes non-ascii characters while in edit mode results in Bad Macro Syntax error
  • [GCONF-220] - Laszlo embed scripts conflict with Confluence 4.2
  • [GCONF-221] - Switch Macro Dialog to bind to init.rte event for Confluence 4.2 compatibility
  • [GCONF-223] - / key in gliffy editor causes focus to switch to hidden search box in confluence
  • [GCONF-225] - Confluence 4.2 compatibility
  • [GCONF-226] - Gliffy document icon is incorrectly aligned
  • [GCONF-237] - Pressing enter key in the Macro More dialog causes the Confluence page to save
  • [GCONF-282] - No Warning dialog appears when you don't have edit permissions, and you click edit from properties panel.
  • [GCONF-289] - Flash error when immediately click on Images tab after editor loads
  • [GCONF-146] - Unify the functionality of the Add Gliffy Diagram and Insert Gliffy Diagram (RTE) Use Cases
  • [GCONF-162] - Gliffy Confluence Plugin creates absolute URLs from the ConfluenceBaseUrl property. These URLs are not usable in internal/external network usage.
  • [GCONF-186] - Support relative links
  • [GCONF-235] - Improve Full Chrome design to not overlap page content
  • [GCONF-269] - There is no indication that a button was clicked on Full Chrome and HTML5 navigator
  • [GCONF-280] - In Additional Options dialog, need error handling and/or defaults
  • [GCONF-103] - Use Tiny Url for the Confluence Link Navigator
  • [GCONF-115] - Link Navigator: No error message for empty search box
  • [GCONF-166] - The edit button on Gliffy Chrome should launch the RTE and immediately, the Gliffy editor
  • [GCONF-195] - Improve Macro search and replace with RegEx
  • [GCONF-197] - Remove the launch Gliffy in separate window functionality in Confluence 4