Gliffy Confluence Plugin v4.5.3 Release Notes

This bug fix release is focused on several issues with our integration in the Confluence Rich Text Editor. We've also enabled Visio import for all our free license holders (Open Source, Commmunity, and Non-Profit)... yay!

  • [GCONF-340] - Gliffy Plugin fails to load due to Invalid BundleContext
  • [GCONF-352] - Add->Gliffy Diagram does not add diagram as expected
  • [GCONF-401] - Macro placeholder sometimes will not insert onto the page
  • [GCONF-407] - The custom Gliffy macro dialog does not appear and is replaced by the out of the box macro dialog
  • [GCONF-408] - IE7 throws a javascript error with unprocessed Soy Templates
  • [GCONF-409] - License display is incorrect for Free license holders
  • [GCONF-410] - Use gliffy-license 1.0.2
  • [GCONF-411] - Enable Visio import for Open Source, Community, and Non Profit license holders