Gliffy Confluence Plugin Webinar: Tues, Nov 13

In one week, on Tuesday, November 13, at 11 am PST (check your local time), we will be holding a webinar to answer the question, What's New with Gliffy Confluence Plugin 5.0? And you're invited!

Tiffany is all geared up to give a live demo of the Plugin in action. She's ready to show off all the new features in 5.0, explore the benefits of Gliffy, and walk you through the new HTML5 editor.

Best of all, Eric Chiang, Lead Software Engineer on the Gliffy Confluence Plugin, will be available for a Q&A session. So if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to know about Gliffy, our HTML5 editor, or what the future holds for our Confluence customers, now’s your chance!

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