The world's most popular web-based drawing tool just became twice as good. This morning we dropped the price of our Gliffy JIRA Plugin by half (hence the twice as good).

With the price reduction, we're making it even easier and more affordable for developers to add high-impact, great-looking diagrams and drawings to their JIRA issues. The Gliffy JIRA Plugin takes what we've learned with our wildly-popular Confluence plugin and applies those learnings to the world of JIRA issue tracking, enabling greater understanding and efficiency throughout the development process.

With the suddenly-more-affordable Gliffy JIRA Plugin, you can:

  • Increase your productivity and eliminate uncertainty by describing new features and issues with Gliffy drawings.
  • Create wireframes to quickly mockup new features that need to be implemented
  • Describe user process flows using intuitive flow charts instead of paragraphs of text
  • Design software using UML notation

We're excited about the new pricing and what it means for JIRA users. Take advantage of the new pricing and add the Gliffy JIRA Plugin to your workflow today.