Gliffy in HTML5 Now in Atlassian OnDemand!

If you use Atlassian Confluence OnDemand, you are in for a treat. Because as of today, you have access to Gliffy's fast and powerful HTML5 editor!

You can get a closer look by signing up for one of our Gliffy Confluence Plugin in OnDemand webinars.

The new editor is sleeker, snappier, and better integrated with Atlassian Confluence. Plus it has some exciting new features — like improved snap-to-grid placement and smarter copy and paste — that make it quicker and easier to keep even complex diagrams neat and professional.

What are you waiting for? Log into Confluence OnDemand and get diagramming!

Not already using Gliffy with Confluence OnDemand? Sign in to your current Confluence OnDemand account to add Gliffy, or give Confluence OnDemand with Gliffy a try.