Gliffy JIRA Plugin 4.0 Accelerates with HTML5

jira-loop7 4.0 Accelerates Ultra-fast


Gliffy JIRA Plugin just took a giant leap forward!

New version 4.0 — available now — ditches Flash in favor of HTML5. This makes your favorite diagram editor faster, foxier, and filled with tons of extra functionality.

Highlights of this major release include:

jira4html5IconUltra-fast Response Rate

HTML5 boosts plugin stability, security, and — most of all — speed!


jira4customShapesIconDrag and Drop Directly

Insert .png, .jpeg, .gif and .svg files directly into your Gliffy diagrams. Each image will be automatically saved to your library.


jira4visioIconVisio Import

Are your old diagrams languishing in Visio? Show them the light with Gliffy JIRA Plugin 4.0.



Our editor gives you extra control with pan and zoom functionality, plus other improvements including:
- New shapes and templates
- Direct import from Gliffy Online
- JIRA DataCenter compatibility

Don’t take our word for it, though. Fire up Gliffy JIRA Plugin 4.0 and experience these upgrades and many others for yourself.