Gliffy Online Accelerates with HTML5 & Google Drive

Google Drive Integration online

We’re very happy to announce the latest version of Gliffy Online—now completely rebuilt around an HTML5 editor with ultrafast response rates and an impressively improved feature set.

The next time you use Gliffy Online you’ll notice the dramatic difference. HTML5 offers you stable, secure access to built-in features unavailable using a plugin like Flash. 

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What's new?

Google Drive Integration

You can now create, open, and edit Gliffy documents directly from Google Drive so you can manage, access, and share your diagrams from any computer or device.

Import Visio Documents

Our import functionality now speaks Visio. Open, edit, and save all your old diagrams using Gliffy Online.

Drag and Drop Images

With our new editor, drag and drop PNG, JPEG, GIF and SVG files directly into your diagrams. Each graphic will automatically upload and be saved in your image library.

Brilliant Colors, Smart Palettes

The Gliffy Online HTML5 color picker vastly improves on the old model, allowing you to set custom colors by eye or using RGB, HSV, and hex values. Each editing session saves your selected colors for easy access.

New Themes & Templates

Our new themes feature will help you select color coordinated palettes for your diagram with just a few clicks so you can communicate more clearly. Improved templates will jumpstart your drawing process with a wide range of ready-made options.

Extend Your Reach

When your diagram is ready for release, Gliffy Online gets the word out via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Other improvements include:

  • More nuanced undo/redo
  • Snap-to-grid placement and drawing guides
  • Smart copy and paste
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Diagram previews

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