Gliffy Plugin for Confluence 1.3.5 released

By Chris Kohlhardt on Oct 31, 2007 in Latest & Greatest

We are happy to announce the release of The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence 1.3.5. This is a significant bug fix release, and we encourage all customers to upgrade to this release. Download this release or upgrade using the repository client. As always, restart Confluence after you upgrade to complete the installation.

  • Fixed issue where diagrams with certain characters failed to show up correctly in Document Manager
  • When diagrams are stored as attachments to a page, we now set the size of the attachment
  • Creating a diagram with name 'ççççç' fails
  • Fix two image generation issues
  • Fixed issue where long diagram names get cut off in the Gliffy editor
  • Fixed issue where theme is lost for Builder plugin when visiting the 'New Diagram' page
  • Fixed issue where File->Open Document manager failed sometimes when Anonymous users edit diagrams
  • Fixed issue where blank text shape showed up in diagrams
  • Default diagram settings not set correctly
  • Make plugin compatible with Confluence 2.7
  • Near infinite loop causes out of memory errors
  • Support Personal Spaces within Document Manager
  • Enable licensing option for folks who are using free Confluence personal license
  • Add 'Remove Diagram' link next to 'Edit Diagram' and 'Full Size' diagram lnks
  • Extractor shouldn't warn that every attachment is not in the database