Today we've released what we expect will be the last in the 1.3.X series. 1.3.6 has focused on ensuring compatibility with the upcoming 2.8 release of Confluence, and addressing various other minor issues:

  • Confluence 2.8 compatibility - Please note that we've made improvements to ensure compatibility with Confluence 2.8-m5-r2. When Confluence 2.8 final is available, we’ll verify our updates still work as expected.
  • [GLIFFY-35] - HTML Export doesn’t include gliffy diagrams
  • [GLIFFY-40] - Clicking "Save and Close" when Session times out causes diagram to be lost.
  • [GLIFFY-430] - Gliffy Plugin for Confluence cannot be removed and then re-installed into Confluence without restarting servlet container
  • [GLIFFY-455] - ‘Remove’ and ‘Full Size’ links break Builder Theme
  • [GLIFFY-458] - ‘No’ link and ‘Click here to go back to your page.’ links on removediagram.action don’t handle base URL correctly
  • [GLIFFY-454] - Don’t allow gliffy diagrams with ‘/’ in it