Today we have released an improved version of the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence, version 1.5.0.

We recommend this upgrade for all users of the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence. Download to upgrade your existing installation, or start a 45 day free trail today

The two major highlights of this release are the new BPMN Symbols, and French and German Translations

BPMN Symbol Library
With this release, Gliffy now enables you to create detailed Business Process Modeling Notation diagrams. Helpful in providing members of your team with a clear picture of your business processes, this symbol library includes events, activities, artifacts, gateways and swimlanes, as well as related connectors.

French and German Translations (Excludes Gliffy Client)

One of the things I learned at the recent Atlassian Developer Camp was that French and German are the only two additional languages that Confluence supports out of the box. As such, we've also added support for these two languages on the Confluence Integration side only. We have some major changes to the Gliffy Client that we'll be working on in 2009 which will enable us to add language support there, too.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

In our never-ending quest to improve Gliffy, we've made over 30 bugfixes and improvements to the product in this release. Those previously not mentioned are included below:

  • [GLIFFY-872] - Legacy Network Shapes have lost connection points
  • [GLIFFY-871] - Symbol does not change with resizing: Network / Home Network / Server
  • [GLIFFY-773] - Network Cloud shape is blurry when large, especially in expored images and svg
  • [GLIFFY-659] - Flowchart multidocument image element has inconsistant colouring
  • [GLIFFY-629] - Selection UI control for checkboxes and radio buttons should be a checkbox, not a drop down box.
  • [GLIFFY-626] - Color picker for all UI symbols doesn't function
  • [GLIFFY-625] - Color Picker UI symbol doesn't change color
  • [GLIFFY-624] - Video player UI symbol should have a large 'play' button in the center (just like youtube does)
  • [GLIFFY-623] - Vertical justification of text for 'Image' UI shape should be at the top of the shape (but not above it)
  • [GLIFFY-621] - Color should be removed from UI symbols that have color
  • [GLIFFY-620] - List Box UI symbol should have a scrollbar in it
  • [GLIFFY-573] - Text Names for symbols in Symbol Palette left justifies when multiline
  • [GLIFFY-452] - Danish characters look broken when Confluence encoding set to ISO-8859-1
  • [GLIFFY-797] - Provide user feedback when diagram images fail to render due to out of memory issues
  • [GLIFFY-839] - Javascript onclose check should not be applied after clicking return to confluence button
  • [GLIFFY-840] - Admin action breadcrumbs are broken
  • [GLIFFY-841] - Spaces in diagram name generate error when trying to export Confluence page as PDF
  • [GLIFFY-880] - Document manager doesn't work in Confluence plugin
  • [GLIFFY-1018] - Closing tag for links appears to be incorrect.
  • [GLIFFY-1024] - Make sure space names (categories) are xml encoded before being returned to the client
  • [GLIFFY-1040] - Alignment parameters are broken
  • [GLIFFY-1056] - Support Confluence character encoding setting other than UTF-8
  • [GLIFFY-1070] - When editor is configured to open in own window, 'Edit in Gliffy' links on attachment pages don't open editor in own window
  • [GLIFFY-1023] - IE sets jpeg mime type to image/pjpg
  • [GLIFFY-1003] - Edit in Gliffy link on Confluence attachment screen
  • [GLIFFY-1041] - Add 'edit in Gliffy' links on attachment page
  • [GLIFFY-639] - Make sure Confluence Plugin compiles with script limits setting set to max
  • [GLIFFY-681] - Make sure we're using PropertyManager.CHARACTER_ENCODING everyplace
  • [GLIFFY-832] - Check for licenses that have been revoked in license manager
  • [GLIFFY-876] - update revoked license list