The Atlassian Summit 2010 is here! It's one of our favorite times of the year for many reasons, one being it means we've got a big release just for you. Introducing the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence 3.0 for Atlassian Confluence and the Gliffy Plugin for JIRA 3.0 for Atlassian JIRA. Version 3.0 includes exciting new features such as new symbols, templates, line tool improvements, and drawing guides.

New Symbols

Yes, it's been a while since we've added new symbols, but we've made some vast upgrades in our architecture that will allow us to put out beautiful new symbols more often. The first batch includes Venn diagram shapes and Sitemap shapes. Venn diagrams are perfect for showing relationships between things:

The new Venn shapes

Want to show your CEO how your companies initiatives will be presented throughout the new website you are building? Use Gliffy's hot new Site Map shapes to impress. Site-maps are an integral part of web-site design that shows how a site is accessed and organized:

The new Site Map shapes

Finally, we've also added new fresh skins for our Basic and Flowchart shapes that will add sparkle to your diagrams. You can still use our classic skins too, located via the dropdown under each respective tab on the left hand side of Gliffy.

The new Fresh skin for Flowchart shapes

By popular demand, we're proud to introduce templates to the plugins. When you add a diagram to a Confluence page or JIRA issue, you are immediately given the option to create a type of diagram based from a template provided by us (i.e. flowchart, floor plan, UML, etc.), or a template from your existing design (Confluence only). You can also use a template that can be stored on your computer using our new Import/Export Gliffy XML feature. This is very useful if you want to take a diagram you did in Gliffy Online and use it in Confluence or JIRA. Note to Confluence users: we have removed the Document Manager since it's purpose previously was for copying an existing diagram to create a new diagram. The Template Manager now does this in a more elegant fashion.

The Template Manager showing a UML template

Line Tool Improvements
We've also made some big improvements to our connector line tool. You can now add curved lines, quadratic bezier curves to be exact. Plus, we've added a new arrow type that can be accessed via the line ends property drop-down. You can also create lines that have a fill color and a border color. To do this, select a line, make the width of the line 3px or more (third selection on line width drop down or lower), and select a fill color. Viola! To change the border color, select a line color for that line.

Curved lines

Drawing Guides
Finally, we've added drawing guides. To turn the drawing guides on, click anywhere on the visible page and you will see a "drawing guides" checkbox under the document properties. Check it to turn the guides on. When you drag a shape on the visible page, guides will show for different alignments. A red line will show when a shape is aligned to the center of another shape, and a green line will show when an edge is aligned to the edge of another shape. The drawing guides have replaced snap-to-grid.

Aligning shapes by center

Aligning shapes by left edge

Chris put together this nice video to show you some of our new features in action:

New features in action in Confluence
To see a complete list of bug fixes and other improvements, click below:

The updated plugins are available immediately on their respective download pages:

The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence 3.0 works on Confluence 2.9 and above and the Gliffy Plugin for JIRA works on JIRA 3.13 and above.

If you have any suggestions or issues with Gliffy, please don't hesitate to contact us!