Hope all of our blog readers are having a wonderful day. Our day just got a lot better with the release of Gliffy Plugin for Confluence and Gliffy Plugin for JIRA 3.0.5. This release contains a few critical bug fixes, so we recommend our customers upgrade to this latest version. Below are a list of the bug fixes that affect both plugins and the ones that only affected the Confluence plugin:


Both Plugins

  • [GLIFFY-2608] - When shape selected, zoom at 50%, not all characters in text box are shown in export
  • [GLIFFY-2651] - No response from Clicking Zoom Out Button After Clicking Zoom In Button
  • [GLIFFY-2645] - Mouse wheel scroll not working in Plugins


Gliffy Plugin for Confluence

  • [GLIFFY-2302] - View, Edit, and Remove links appear in PDF export when using {include} macro
  • [GLIFFY-2641] - Diagrams created in Gliffy Confluence Plugin v2.2 and earlier will not render in PDF export with Confluence Plugin v2.2 and greater.
  • Patched a Cross Site Scripting bug (XSS)


Download the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence 3.0.5
Download the Gliffy Plugin for JIRA 3.0.5