On Friday we released an update to The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence. We strongly recommend that all current users upgrade to this release as it includes important performance and stability updates along with new features.

This update includes:

New Features

  • Vastly improved diagram rendering performance
  • Vastly improved plugin startup time
  • Added document manager. Now you can open other diagrams in the system via thew new document manager. This will enable you to copy and paste between different documents.
  • Ability to "lock" a shape
  • Easier to make horizontal and vertical lines with straight line tool
  • More entity-relationship line types
  • Prettier Server symbol in network shapes
  • New Mail Server symbol
  • New Mainframe symbol
  • New Database server symbol
  • Prettier laptop symbol
  • Prettier printer symbol
  • Prettier hub symbol
  • New stairs symbols in floorplan shapes
  • Prettier door symbols
  • Vertical Rule in user interface shapes.

Bugs fixed:

  • Plugin loads MUCH faster
  • Various Confluence Clustering issues resolved
  • Text format changes do not force save to diagram GLFY-27
  • Snap to grid doesn't work when dragging shape off of a symbol library GLFY-24


  • Version 2 of EULA
  • Cluster license verification

What's the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence all about? Check out this two minute video for a quick overview: