Great news: The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence is now available to Confluence Hosted customers, at no additional charge.

Through a development partnership, the benefits of the Gliffy Plugin will be available when using the hosted version of this award wining enterprise wiki. Why Confluence Hosted? It enables you to quickly edit your wiki from anywhere without dedicated IT resources. The Confluence Wiki gives you the following added benefits:

  • Enterprise Security - with SSL
  • Attractive, user-friendly WYSIWYG interface
  • Monthly credit-card billing
  • And dozens of other great features!

And now, with the Gliffy Plugin, you can add great looking drawings to that list! Gliffy enables you to create Flowcharts, UI wireframes, Floor plans, Network diagrams, UML diagrams, and many more diagrams or simple drawings with just one click.

Confluence Example

The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence is a secure and easy way to utilize the power of the Gliffy diagram editor to create professional looking diagrams within Confluence. Diagrams created with the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence are stored as attachments, allowing Confluence to manage the revision history.

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