New at Gliffy: Zenn Diagrams

Gliffy proudly announces its support for the newest diagram type, the Zenn diagram.

While people have been using venn diagrams for decades to visually represent the overlap between various contiguous sets of data, there is one reality that these type of charts utterly fail to depict. Unfortunately, that is the reality which we face most often—the understanding that everything is one.

Luckily, Komuso Buddhist Monk Shotaro Kaneda has been working with Gliffy to allow our conscious and subconscious selves to accept, without strife, what already is. The end result of this month-long meditation is the Zenn Diagram.

Zenn Diagram Template

What do you use a Zenn diagram to represent? Practically everything. We mean practically? You can use it for everything. You can edit our Zenn diagram template to show the set of things you need to accomplish before a Q4 release, the emotions you feel upon hearing that there will be another Kevin James movie in the theaters, or both of these things together. That's the beauty of the Zenn diagram.

Here's just one sample Zenn diagram created using our template.

Zenn Diagrams

We hope that you find this new diagram type useful in your everyday life. If you want to know more, that's unfortunate as wanting leads to need and need leads to disappointment.