an example of a gliffy org chart

Catered for teams to keep context and stay connected.

Over the past ten years,  we’ve seen thousands of businesses use Gliffy to communicate better. From mom-and-pop shops to household names like Pixar, Nasa and Apple. Our product is a core part of teams maintaining context and staying connected to their tasks and teammates.

But, as companies grow, and teams continue to scale, it’s more challenging than ever to be on the same page, and see the same end-goal.

With that in mind, we’re excited to extend our Gliffy Enterprise offering on This new Enterprise plan is catered to large corporations that need a secure location for storing action plans, concepts and ideas. Gliffy Enterprise makes it easy to manage teams and users at scale.

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In addition to SSO, premium support and an admin console, the new Gliffy Enterprise plan offers a suite of new features:

cross team collaboration

Cross-team sharing & collaboration brings increased visibility to what you and your team are working on as well as high-level views of cross-department projects.

Easy user management allows admins to create new accounts and manage privacy permissions. This saves valuable time for admins and simplifies their work processes.

secure cloud storage

Secure cloud storage empowers all users to share diagrams safely -- both internally and externally. Plus, corporate assets won’t leave when their creators do.

Questions? Want to take these new features out for a test-drive?

We’ve got answers and options all here.