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Google Drive Integration is Here!

Written by Liza Mock | Apr 08, 2016

As many of us move away from the traditional office to work remotely, and teams spread out across the globe, the ability to collaborate over long distances becomes more important than ever. Gliffy is a great tool for teams no matter where they are, because it is accessible from any computer anywhere. But we wanted to take its functionality further by offering Gliffy Business Team Accounts an even tighter integration with Google drive, which offers additional search, organization and versioning features.

What’s New?

You’ll notice that now when you go to My Documents you’ll have two options, one for Gliffy and one for Google Drive. You’ll be able to create your diagrams as usual, but now you’ll have the option to save them in either Gliffy or Google drive. Once you set up Google Drive it will become your default save location.

Getting Started

The first time you save a diagram in Google drive you’ll be able to choose which of your existing Gmail accounts to connect to. You’ll also have an option to create a new account.

You’ll then be asked to agree to the Google Drive permissions and Google Drive will become the default location for saving your documents.






PRO TIP: You can switch the default location for new files back to Gliffy in account settings.

Making Edits

You’ll be able to see a thumbnail view of all your Gliffy diagrams in Google drive. If you need to make edits, select Gliffy as your diagram program and you’ll be taken back to

From Gliffy, you’ll be able to view all your diagrams (both the ones stored in Gliffy and those stored in Google drive) by clicking Open From and selecting the location you need.

Sharing in GDrive

You’ll be able to share Gliffy diagrams the same way you share anything else in Google drive.

Simply click on the add icon and type in the email addresses of the people you’d like to share with. If you’d like to share a link select “get shareable link” and one will be generated for you. If the person you’re sharing with does not have Gliffy Diagrams installed they will be given the option to do so.

We hope you’ll find that Gliffy for Google Drive is an excellent addition to your suite of go-anywhere collaboration tools and that it will help make your daily work life better and more productive.

Happy Diagramming!