Happy Valentine's Day from Gliffy!

If there's one thing we love, it's sharing great diagrams! So in the spirit of the season, we have an important question for you:

Happy Valentine's Day! Loved


Want to use, share, or modify this diagram? Pass it on!

If you’re already a Gliffy Online user (or interested in giving it a try!), just click the diagram above to launch Gliffy in your browser.

If you use the Gliffy Confluence Plugin, download Happy_Valentine's_Day!.gon (right-click the link and save the file), then follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the wiki page where you would like to add the diagram.
  2. Click Add > Gliffy Diagram.
  3. Select Import from the menu.
  4. Click Browse and upload Happy_Valentine's_Day.gon.
  5. Select the file you just uploaded and click Create.

Note: If you are a Gliffy Confluence Plugin user but haven’t yet upgraded to our HTML5 editor, you can download Happy_Valentine's_Day!.gxml in the legacy Gliffy GXML format.