How to be a better blogger

Blogs are one of life's great equalizers. Anyone with access to a computer can create one. They can be about anything. And readers have total control when it comes to whether they choose to look on or look away. Blogs open up little corners of people’s lives to those whose lives are very different.

Perhaps the best thing about blogs is that they create community based on shared points of interest among perfect strangers. They have the power to bring individuals together and start conversations. They can make people feel less alone. But sometimes figuring out how to make those conversations happen can be a challenge.

Many blogs have a comments section, but unless the topic is particularly hot, it can be difficult to get people to engage. Is there a better way? Yes! Adding Gliffy diagrams to your blog can be a fun, innovative way to engage your readers. One of the best things about Gliffy is that you can either share your diagram as an image or as a template. And if you share it as a template you can get your readers to add to it—much more fun than leaving a comment!

It’s a great way to gather ideas and feedback. Imagine writing a blog about most commonly used SaaS in software development. You can use a Gliffy mindmap to reach out to your readers to find out what they’re using and some of their most common pain points. Simply create a Gliffy mindmap template and share it as part of your blog. Then ask your readers to edit it by adding their favorite tools. This can be used to gather all sorts of information and get your readers engaged in a whole new way.

example mindmap

How to Share a Template

1. Create your mindmap. Go to File>New and choose a Mindmap Template to start with. Once you’re done name and save your diagram.

2. Select Share>Publish from the toolbar. And choose to make your diagram Public.

Using the interactive web viewer link will give you the option to edit the diagram, view it as a template or show notes if there are any. If you use this link, your readers will have a choice of how to interact with it. But if you’re asking for feedback, click the “Use as Template” button and use that link directly. You can add it as a hyperlink to your diagram image.

Make sure to ask your users to save any changes they make. That way, every time someone adds to the template, the latest version will become visible on your blog. Don’t like someone’s changes? Never fear. Gliffy saves all versions of your diagram and you can always revert to a previous iteration.

How to Share Your Diagram as an Image

While getting readers to engage with a diagram is a great way to build your community, sometimes you may just want to use the static image of a diagram. To do this, simply go to File>Export then choose the file type and size that works best for you. Download your diagram and treat it as any image file when you upload it to your blog.

Want to try it for yourself? Click on the cooking mindmap at the top of this post and add your favorite food.

Ready to create your own?