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How to Get Organized for the Big Presentation with Gliffy

Written by Liza Mock | Feb 29, 2016

Chances are you’re a perfectly organized human being. Your socks are always in pairs, you never forget a birthday and you keep everything you need for the big presentation in one place ready to go. But then again, maybe you’re like the rest of us. Maybe it’s 10pm and you’re pounding Rockstars and tearing out your hair while hunting through your inbox, hounding coworkers and re-checking your laptop files for the 11th time trying to find everything you need for tomorrow’s 8am.

If that’s the case maybe you should give Gliffy a try. Having a Gliffy team account allows you to create, edit and share one folder with all the diagrams you or anyone on your team created for the big presentation.That way, instead of hunting down stray visuals, by 10pm you’ll be snug and cozy in bed playing Clash of Clans.

How to Create a Team Folder











1. Go to My Documents in the top right of the toolbar.
2. Click Create and choose New Folder.
3. Name your folder and click on the wheel to select Permissions.

From here you’ll be able to give access to anyone who shares your account. Rather than having to share one diagram at a time, you’ll be able to share all diagrams added to your folder at once and everyone with permissions will be able to upload, view and edit all the diagrams in the folder.










PRO TIP: You can export Gliffy diagrams in PNG, JPG and SVG formats and add to Power Point, Keynote or any presentation software of your choice.