Look: what can you really say about humorist, scientist, alcohologist, and legend Luke McKinney? He's Canadian, which means he's from Canada. He's male, which means he's (probably) got a handlebar mustache. He's a freelance writer (like me), so he's indubitably brilliant, handsome and debonair.

He's also got the skinny on Star Trek. I (to my great credit I believe) have no skinny on Star Trek, so Luke's Star Trek Movie Quick Recognition Chart comes in handy. It is, as they say on the internets, SPOILERIFIC -- so if you've been holding out on seeing any Trek movies but plan to do a marathon soon; don't look at this. Or maybe do look and then save yourself a lot of video rental fees.


I don't know much about Luke, but I like him. About Star Trek, I'm still not so sure....