I'll admit, I'm not really much of a gamer. I have weak spot for Beatles Rock Band, but that's only because I have zero musical talent and no one else wants to play the drums.

Over at GameSpy, they've got other issues. Mainly, figuring out which Xbox Live friend requests to accept. While the easy answer might appear to be "none," in their recent post Brian Altano and Brain Miggles point out the rewards of community (humor, strength in numbers) and suggest accepting at least a few overtures of friendship. But how to know who makes the cut? Naturally, what we need is a flowchart.

XBox Live Friend Req

It's a bit of a gauntlet, sure, but then there are an awful lot of irritating people out there.

I'm digging this flowchart for two reasons (plus the Brians are funny):

  • The RED and GREEN arrows. It's a smart technique, saving the clutter of a lot of "yes" and "no" text and easily directing the reader through the chart.
  • The spiral shape. When most roads lead to NO, setting up a flowchart this way keeps the graphic from being too long and too boring.

Maybe their next flowchart will be "How to not be a Jerk on XBOX Live"? One can hope.